What Boxes Do I Need for Royal Mail? Your Ultimate Guide to Parcel Size Selection and Packaging


Shipping with Royal Mail?

Let us help you in selecting the right cardboard boxes to make seamless deliveries to your customers. Understanding the parcel size categories – Small, Medium, and Large – is the key to cost-effective and efficient shipping. Here’s your easy-to-read guide to help you make informed decisions on your packaging, with a selection of cardboard boxes you can choose from the BoxReuse range:

Small Parcel Size (Max 2kg):

The maximum box dimensions for the Small Parcel size are 450 x 350 x 160 mm (LxWxH), offering a good amount of play in terms of length and width. For your lightweight items, think delicate accessories, books, cosmetics, and small electronics. We stock a range of compact and sturdy boxes that will be perfect for the Small Parcel category.

The following will ensure your contents stay secure while minimising shipping costs:

425 x 310 x 160 mm

Single Wall Plain New Boxes

215 x 160 x 135 mm

Single Wall Plain New Boxes

 282 x 224 x 102 mm

Double Wall Plain New Boxes

Medium Parcel Size (Max 20kg):

When it’s time to ship slightly bigger items, the maximum box dimensions are 610 x 460 x 460 mm. This category accommodates clothing bundles, medium-sized electronics, and more. We have selection of boxes tailored to this range, offering ample space and sturdy construction.

These boxes are engineered to handle Medium Parcel sizes, safeguarding your products on their journey:

539 x 445 x 450 mm

Double Wall Plain Used Boxes

378 x 305 x 249 mm

Double Wall Plain White New Boxes

 480 x 360 x 362 mm

Single Wall Plain New Boxes

Large Parcel Size (Max 30kg):

For those bulkier items or larger quantities, the Large Parcel category is your choice. With a maximum length of 1.5 metres and combined length and width/height of 3 metres, this category allows for the shipping of furniture, larger electronics, and extensive inventory. It’s fundamental that the packaging will handle the load while adhering to Royal Mail’s specifications.

The following will ensure your products reach their destination intact with great protection and durability:

580 x 480 x 460 mm

Single Wall Printed Used Boxes

595 x 395 x 285 mm

Double Wall Plain Used Boxes

580 x 380 x 540 mm

Strong Single Wall Printed Used Boxes

Royal Mail have provided some rough guidelines to help you when estimating the weight of your item:

  • CD in bubble envelope – 130g
  • Mobile phone in bubble envelope – 180g
  • DVD in bubble envelope – 190g
  • 400-page paperback book in bubble envelope – 310g
  • Pair of jeans – 500g
  • Glossy magazine in bubble envelope – 585g
  • Pair of trainers – 1kg

If you are shipping heavier singular items that are close to the weight allowances, we advise you weigh these beforehand to make sure you can ship with Royal Mail.

Why Choose BoxReuse for Your Packaging Needs?

At BoxReuse, we understand the importance of getting your packaging right. Our wide selection of types and size of used and surplus cardboard boxes will allow you to ship to your needs for a fraction of the price. By choosing the right box size and type, you can optimise your shipping costs, enhance protection, and ensure customer satisfaction. Saving on costs and making a sustainable choice at the same time is a win-win opportunity for you and your customers.

Explore our full range of boxes or use our BoxFinder feature to find the best fit box for your needs. Simply, enter the dimensions of your product to find similar sized boxes, ensuring great savings compared to brand new and bespoke made boxes.